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We offer Russian/Ukrainian Cyrillic keyboard stickers for your laptop or desktop keyboard. Also known as keyboard labels or keyboard overlays, these stickers are used by many people when learning Russian, moving to another country, doing language exchange, writing to their penpals, friends and family.

Pick Letter color & Film transparency

Transparent Russian keyboard stickers

For White keyboards (Standard series)

White and beige keyboards work best with transparent keyboard stickers that have letters printed in Red, Navy blue, or Dark green color. When the stickers are applied, these colors create a good contrast against the light color of the keys.

Red Keyboard Stickers   Green Keyboard Stickers   Navy Keyboard Stickers
List: $14.99 Our: $7.95   List: $14.99 Our: $7.95   List: $14.99 Our: $7.95

For Black keyboards (Standard series)

If you have a laptop or desktop computer with the black keyboard then you can choose from tranparent stickers with Yellow, Royal blue, Silver/Grey or White letters. These colors will be clearly visible against the black background of the keys.

Yellow Keyboard Stickers   Blue Keyboard Stickers   Silver Keyboard Stickers
List: $14.99 Our: $7.95   List: $14.99 Our: $7.95   List: $14.99 Our: $7.95
Red Keyboard Stickers    
List: $14.99 Our: $7.95